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59:59 Room Escape NYC is the destination for the clever, the bold and the unconventional. We are conveniently located at 32nd St & 6th Ave in New York City (Manhattan). Yelp gives us five stars, and the media calls us "A team-building phenomenon!" Is Bovada legit is important question for any sports betting player.

Room escape is a super-fun, adrenaline-inducing, team-based puzzle solving activity. Our FAQhere. The best way to play poker real money.

Our Rooms

You are Dr. Watson trapped in a mysterious room. Unfortunately, Sherlock Holmes can't help because he is somewhere else - he's waiting for you to join him in tracking down the hound of the Baskervilles, the adventure of your lives. Escape before time runs out! (Keyword: Detective)

Max. players: 10

Difficulty level: Medium

Best for: Detectives, confident personalities, teamplayers, and out-of-the-box (but inside-the-room) thinkers.

An ultra-intelligent Big Bad Wolf has trapped your team in his magical forest! And one of your teammates is locked away from the rest. Note: HE WON'T BE IDLE. He will collaborate with other team members to solve puzzles and earn his freedom. (If the team is clever, his exodus typically happens within 10 minutes) After the team is reunited, they work together to escape the forest! (Keyword: Rescue)

Max. players: 10

Difficulty level: Medium Rare :)

Best for: Fun lovers, third dates, family reunions, and multi-talented folks. Information on how to make your dick grow.

You have tracked a violent occult criminal to a remote hotel. As you enter a function room, known as 'The Chamber of Dreams', the lights flicker and the door locks behind you. You have fallen into his trap and are now a part of his final ritual. You must escape before it's too late... (Keyword: Mysterious)

Note: This room is an enhanced version of the room originally called "Escape from the Christmas Ghosts" and "Edgar Allan Poe."

Max. players: 10

Difficulty level: High

Best for: Challenge seekers, thrill chasers, brainy collaborators, and impossible geniuses.

The Appeal

More fun to work together

Race against the clock

Immerse in timeless stories


What is the "room escape" exactly?

This is the "live" equivalent of the popular online game. You are locked in a room with a team of players. Your goal is to solve a series of puzzles that ultimately lead to a key to unlock the room within an hour.

How are the rooms related to their themes?

The setup of the room and the gameplay experience are closely tied to a timeless story. This much we can say without giving away the room-escape experience.

What if we can't get out?

It won't be fun if you get out too easily! The rooms have been designed to make you think as a team. Trust us, the adrenaline rush from working with time limits and the bonding experience with your group are well worth the effort! That said, you will receive clues from our staff if we think they're necessary.

I want to bring kids. Is there an age requirement?

Our players are typically 12 years or older. Anyone under age 16 should be accompanied by an adult. Our rooms have appropriate content for all ages. Also note the difficulty levels of the rooms.

When should we arrive?

Please arrive 15 minutes before your game starts. To ensure good experience for all customers, we highly encourage you to be on time. Late arrival may disrupt the current game and the sessions to follow. Our staff has discretion over how to handle late arrivals.

Why are you called 59:59?

You only have an hour to escape the room. 'Nuff said.

How do we get the room entirely to ourselves?

If you don't buy all the tickets for a game session, get ready to make some new friends! Of course, there's still a chance you get a private room if no one else books the same slot. Hey, you never know!

What are your prices?

The price is $28/person.

Can we fit more than ten players into one room?

We recommend ten players per room, but have accommodated larger teams in the past. Please book your room for ten people, and then email us about the additional players. We will then charge the extra amount and confirm via email. In terms of maximum of allowed players, the Hound of the Baskervilles can do 13, Chamber of Dreams can do 12, and Three Little Pigs can do 11.

We have more than 13 people. Can we split into multiple rooms?

Yes! Please email us with your inquiry.

What are some other suggestions for having a good experience?

The game requires lots of collaboration and puzzle-solving. Unlike with other things, drinking won't increase the fun here!

59:59 Room Escape NYC
We are conveniently located in midtown Manhattan, on 32nd St between 5th Ave and Avenue of the Americas.

Close to all subway lines. Nearby attractions include Empire State Building, Madison Square Garden, Manhattan's premier shopping area Herald Square and tourist destination Koreatown.


We have successfully hosted team-building events for companies ranging from startups to multi-national corporations. Email us to set somethin' up for your organization!
We have also celebrated many birthdays and other personal occasions here. Email us with any special requests!
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